Flying your aircraft to Cuba can be a complicated, bureaucratic process.  What makes Cuba Handling unique? Two things in specific: 1) We have 26 years of experience working with the Cuban aviation industry, and 2) We are the only US based company that can offer a NO CASH REQUIRED solution! We have a full staff on the ground in Cuba to ensure every aspect of your trip goes smoothly. We'll obtain all necessary landing and navigation permits, we'll coordinate aircraft handling, parking, and all of your aircraft needs including fuel, GPU, catering, passenger/crew transportation, absolutely everything.

Fees for landing permits and handling services are based on aircraft max gross takeoff weight, among other factors. Cuban entry visas for your crew and passengers can also arranged by our team of experts. To start a handling request, please E-MAIL us at:, include your tail number, type of aircraft, number of crew and passengers, the aircraft's maximum gross takeoff weight (MGTOW) and provide an outline of the dates and details of your trip. One of our Cuban aviation specialists will contact you promptly. Most importantly: ALL SERVICES can be prepaid through Cuba Handling and NO CASH is required upon landing in Cuba!

Once you land in Cuba, we also organize bespoke VIP in-Cuba itineraries, and virtually everything can be prepaid! From hotels or private luxury rental homes, to private cars and drivers and custom tailored itineraries, with 26 years of Cuban travel experience, we can deliver what nobody else can in Cuba: authenticity.

For fastest response, e-mail us at, or call us at 1-844-JET-CUBA today to start the process of requesting your aircraft handling and in-Cuba itinerary needs.