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I am compelled, by the strong emotions that I feel, to write to you to express my gratitude for having made possible the fulfillment of my life’s dream.
That you were able to arrange for the issuance of my Cuba visa, given my particular circumstances, was remarkable. That you were able to arrange for permission to for me to land in Havana in my own Baron is something that frankly, I really didn’t think you were going to be able to pull off. That you were able to deliver on my request for meetings with Arabian horse trainers in Cuba, and arranged for me to visit both private and state-owned stud farms is, well, I have no words to describe how impressed I am with that. Marking the return to my place of birth, which I left as a three year old in 1960, and accompanied by my son, this trip was both a physical and a spiritual journey. Cuba’s infrastructural shortcomings, as well as the excellence of its people and its music, are common knowledge. What was surprising was the restaurant scene. My Lord! Truly world-class interior designs, friendly professional service, and quality ingredients that screamed freshness. The cocktails were amazing, presented with inspired artistry. Miguel the driver (of the spotless C-Class sedan), your tour guides William and Amircal, your logistics man Josue, Juan Carlos at the airport, all are awesome and I look forward to seeing them again. Last but not least, Lyndsay is the bomb. “No” and “it can’t be done” are just not in her vocabulary. My emails were always answered immediately, nights and weekends included (even during Hurricane Irma). I will continue to use and recommend Cuba Handling. Given the unique challenges that travel in Cuba presents to the visitor, I would not recommend to anyone that they attempt it without an experienced support team. With your help, my trip to Cuba was a First World experience.
— Pepe Ortega, Private Aircraft Owner
We always plan our own lodging and itineraries, everywhere we travel. We assumed we could arrange our itinerary on our own in Cuba. We learned the hard way that we were wrong, very wrong. Cuba Handling stepped in and fixed everything for us, saved the day and made it an incredible trip. Don’t even consider trying to plan your own itinerary in Cuba. Cuba Handling’s team is definitely the best there is in Cuba.
— B. Cohen, Beverly Hills, CA
Cuba Handling arranged our entire trip, including both our aircraft logistics and a very complicated ground itinerary. They did everything on short notice. They exceed our expectations at every point. Don’t make a mistake and try to plan your own itinerary - these folks know Cuba better than anyone.
— Antony D., Private jet client, Boca Raton FL
I would recommend Eric Norber and his team to any of my clients.
— Bob Showalter, Showalter Flying Service, FL
Our visas for crew and passengers arrived on time, no issues. Our flight, entry, landing and parking permits: no issues! Aircraft parking: we parked at terminal 5. Plenty of parking was available. Our aircraft was safe and secure, and remained in the same position. Handler: one person available when we landed, he was assisted by 3 employees from the airport. They were very helpful, available by phone and text during our stay. Customs and immigration: slow, but smooth, and pleasant. Transportation in Cuba: Cars are older but pleasant and very helpful drivers! Crew hotel: no issues. Passenger hotel: luxury, no issues. Filing our outbound flight plan was slow but everyone was helpful. Overall, we had a great experience, passengers were very happy. We couldn’t have done it all without Cuba Handling!
— Sven S., PIC, Gulfstream G-IV
On a scale of 1 to 10, Cuba Handling delivered
at 11 on EVERYTHING. Their itinerary team is incredible, they thought of every detail.
— Owner, G-V (Wing Aviation, Houston TX)
Cuba handling Team: We had a blast. Your handling, handlers, guides, tours and restaurants were all first rate. The car made us feel like diplomats, and that cigar and rum tasting was an experience we will all not forget! The day tour was a treat. Miguel our driver a gem. The synagogue tour was very special! Your guide for our Hemingway house tour, Alejandro, is a gem. It was 20 years ago to the day, that I said as we were departing Jose Marti that I wanted to fly myself to Cuba. Thanks for making all of it happen - all from a call to Cuba Handling and the question ‘can I fly to Havana?’
— Eddie Esserman, Owner/Pilot - Bonanza
I would like to put in a good word for Mr. Norber and his team at Cuba Handling. He and his professionals put together a trip for our company last month. Due to their diligence and planning the outcome was flawless. We had handling at Jose Marti International Airport, vans, drivers and great interpreters/guides for our passengers and the crew for three days along with hotels at two different locations in Havana. Because of the connections Mr. Norber has throughout Cuba, we were able to fly to an airport in a very rural area. Once again, Cuba Handling had Airport and ATC services squared away and the ground transportation was perfect. I can say that Eric Norber is a man of his word. The trip expenses were exactly what he said they would be and each change we made (there were several) were handled professionally and without complaint. A great benefit we enjoyed was an in-depth insight to the people and culture of Cuba. Mr. Norber has spent a great deal of time there over the past quarter century and his experience was invaluable in the success of our trip. We give Cuba Handling our highest recommendation and most certainly will utilize their services on any future trips to Cuba.
— Kenneth Shelton, Chief Pilot, Pike Enterprises, Inc
We needed to fly to Cuba on super short notice and Cuba Handling got it ALL done. - permits, hotels, transportation, everything. When it comes to aviation logistics in Cuba, we need a “guy” in Cuba. I can tell you that Cuba Handling is our “guy” in Cuba. They have people on the ground there who GET IT DONE.
— Kyle W., Pilot, Gulfstream G-V
Cuba Handling and their sister company Cultural Contrast created an experience that changed my life. What more powerful words can I use to convey my confidence in their team.
— Dr. C. Prieto, Orlando, FL
All went exceptionally well. I appreciate you [Lyndsay] and all you [Cuba Handling] were able to do for us, and I thank you immensely. You were a God-send for me. This was my first coordinated trip, and you definitely eased the process for me. We will definitely use you guys in the near future for the next Cuba trip. You delivered world class, first class!
— Tyrell J. Brown, Short Hills Aviation Services
Cuba is a complicated place. Cuba Handling made the process simple and easy. They were there every step of the way. THANK YOU Cuba Handling!
— John U., Private Aircraft Client