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What is the 'N' number or registration number of your aircraft? Please provide the specific registration number of the aircraft you will fly, even if you may be using a callsign for the flight.
Please inform us of the make and model. For example: Cirrus SR-22, Cessna Citation Excel, Dassault Falcon 2000, Gulfstream G650, etc.
Some of the fees associated with flying to Cuba are based on the max takeoff weight of the aircraft. Please advise us your MGTOW in pounds. If you indicate the MGTOW in KG, please specify KG after your entry.
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Intended Date of flight TO Cuba:
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For example, what airport in the USA will you depart from, when you are on the leg flying to Cuba?
What is your intended first destination in Cuba? For example, Havana is MUHA.
Jet-A is available at all airports of entry. AvGas (100LL) is only available at Havana (MUHA) and Varadero (MUVA). Fuel costs fluctuate weekly. Jet-A currently averages approx. $4.20/gallon, and 100LL (AvGas) averages approx. $5.80/gallon. Quotes will be based on current pricing and may change based on actual pricing at the time of your trip. Purchasing any quantity of fuel in Cuba is recommended, even if only a small amount. Fuel purchases are prepaid and no payment will be required in Cuba.
Intended Date of flight departing Cuba: *
Intended Date of flight departing Cuba:
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A CBP Border Overflight Exemption allows you to fly from Cuba to any airport in the US where Customs is available. Without an Overflight Exemption, you must land at the closest Airport of Entry when entering US airspace to clear customs.
When you depart Cuba, what airport will you clear US Customs at?
Please advise us the number of crew (including pilots and cabin attendants).
Please provide us with the number of passengers flying into Cuba (estimate if necessary).
Separate visas and immigration processes will apply for any crew or passengers who were born in Cuba, and we can assist with these requirements.
Please let us know if the aircraft and crew will remain in Cuba while the passengers are in Cuba. Current regulations allow the aircraft and crew to remain in Cuba for up to 7 calendar days. We can also assist with crew transportation, lodging, etc.
Have you flown an aircraft to Cuba previously?
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NOTE: The recently announced regulation changes now require that all itineraries must be provided by a licensed, sponsoring agency such as Cuba Handling. You can no longer organize your itinerary independently. We will have our Itinerary Services team contact you. We create once-in-a-lifetime, fully legal itineraries that comply with all US Treasury regulations for your crew and your passengers. IMPORTANT: Organizing an itinerary independently is now contrary to US regulations and can put the travelers at risk of legal enforcement actions and fines .
Will the crew require transportation and lodging? *
If yes, we will have our Itinerary Services team contact you.
Let us know about any special requests or unique aspects about requested trip to Cuba.
Documents required: *
To request a permit to land in Cuba, you will need to e-mail us a scanned, clear copy of each of the following: - Airworthiness Certificate - Aircraft Registration - Insurance Certificate - Noise Certificate (if your jet has one) - The most recent maintenance log entry showing inspections/work done and that the aircraft was returned to service in an airworthy condition, signed by an A&P

REQUIRED: LEGAL ITINERARY IN CUBA: According to the newly announced regulations, everyone traveling to Cuba must be on an itinerary organized and sponsored by an approved agency offering legal travel itineraries in Cuba.
NOTE: You can no longer organize your travel independently, as an individual. Cuba Handling is a licensed agency that can organize your complete, legal itinerary including lodging, transportation, and everything from standard to luxury itineraries.  AFTER YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR AIRCRAFT SERVICES REQUEST (ABOVE), PLEASE NOW CLICK ON THE BUTTON (BELOW) TO PLACE YOUR REQUEST FOR A LEGAL ITINERARY IN CUBA.